Million Pound Idea – Indulge Me

October 12, 2011

Ok Ok my idea:
A camera with wi fi –

Like most of professional photographer’s, when they are on shoot they need to get the copies to the clients as soon as. So imagine a high end sophisticated camera with computing functions built in, like internet and software editing suits that helps a photographer to take photos. Then edit them and there and then be able to email it to the clients on the location itself. This helps both the photographer in being fast and the client in getting the image fast and demand for changes if they need on the spot. This way the photographer improves his name as well as the company.
Any photographer would love to have a computer and camera in one piece … basically trying to combine a digi cam/ slr with a mini laptop –
slim sleek and all that but the only drawback is they dont have a cd port
but hell who cares as long as its protable and you can buy a seperate cd drive.
‘So well yeah I’d love to own a gadget like that being a photographer myself’ Gopi Mohan
Apple could indorse or even we could sell it to them….
Pass a camera with wifi on to other people
Each person gets a 2 minute slot and it goes around the world
People tag themselves etc etc
You end up with a movie of different peoples perspectives on life

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