Lesbianism – Indulge Me

November 1, 2011

I’m a lesbian, I mention the ‘L’ word more often then I eat hot meals. I even have a tattoo that is symbolical  for gay liberation, the Lambda. My mother and brother and a few family members know (my father doesn’t) my sexuality, and all my friends. I am openly ‘out’ on Facebook as a female interested in females.

Lambda Tattoo freshly done

These blog entries entitled ‘Lesbianism’ will share my story.

Post One: On being gay:

I am very proud of my sexuality, having hid it for 8 years. Iv’e known since I was eleven, well an inkling, I used to get obsessed with woman on telly.

I’m not proud to say one of my first obsessions was Pippa Fulton, from Fame Academy.

 Now on looking back she is attractive, in a Shakira way…

Another was a video game character, yes the very Lara Croft. I remember watching the series (with my dad playing) with my brothers in the room oggaling at her new ‘better looking’ breasts.

I could go on for days, Angelina Jolie, Hayley Williams, Kat Von D, Lena Headly etc etc

I just found and still find women very attractive, I never even questioned it. I found boys annoying and never understood why anyone would want to kiss one. I even had a few boyfriends but found them very embarrassing and didn’t want anyone to know I had one. I was obsessed with the female body, I thought it beautiful and mysterious, yet never thought anything bout being ‘gay’ I don’t think I even knew it existed.

I got told one day that my babysitters friend was ‘one of those (whispers) gays’, and thought it shocking and scandalous. He was a man though, I never thought women could be gay.


4 Responses to “Lesbianism – Indulge Me”

  1. it’s funny, I knew that there were gay men years before I realized that women could be gay.

    and the day I realized that I was one of them – I’d repressed everything and was thinking I was asexual for a while, but, no, I am a lesbian.

    and it rocks.

    so glad to know we’re on the same team!

    and just so you know – my partner and I have been together since 1994, married in 2005 (we’re Canadian), and neither of us can imagine life without the other.

    • Ah!

      Yes, there needs to be more blogs to chat about this sorta thing you know?
      Good for you and you partner!!

      • Yes, that’s the thing – us gay folks are raised by straight parents with straight siblings, we don’t often know that we know a gay person

        so we depend on straight people for information, end up feeling so isolated because we feel different and are told gays are terrible, but we’re not terrible people

        it’s little wonder that suicide is so high

        yet, just something like gay marriage being legal – to know that you can be happy and have a family even though you’re gay – why shouldn’t we want and get what other people have?

        It’s not like a switch is flipped and gay sex means you don’t have emotions and a need to love and be loved.

        That we knew about gay men before lesbians is because we have a male dominated society – but now there’s the internet and we don’t need to depend on movies and tv and books – we can all create our own content, reach out to each other – and make online communities as a refuge from our real communities that are not as welcoming or understanding.

        It gets better, but we have to work for it and help each other.

  2. Your are an angel! that is so so so true!
    Everyone needs to love and be loved, and to be proud of who they are!

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