Indulge Me – A Gay, Gay Lesbian

November 8, 2011

Just watching a gremlin try to eat someone, he was in a Christmas tree 🙂

Entry Two:

Nom monster munch, a guy I knew climbed into my bed the other day. After explaining to him for the trillionth time I was a lesbian, he tried one more time and then left.

Am I a challenge, a game? Am I pretending to be gay?


Yet, some guys persist. Now don’t worry I’m not going to rant about boys, I love boys. I just don’t want to sleep with them. They are great to go out with, they love it when I perv on girls and I enjoy it too.

Had a girl round Sunday and I just wasn’t interested, I don’t know why. It’s been puzzling me for a while, I invite them over then I want them to leave. I crave the attention and think I want the affection but when it comes down to it, I get turned off. I have too much expectations, I want to fall madly in love at first sight, it’s unrealistic, and it lets me down….

My housemates are making me look at pokemon..


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