Indulge Me – ZestyDoesThings Very Well…

December 18, 2011

An Illustrator with his own unique flair and style (Toby Allen) AKA ZestyDoesThings is rapidly climbing up the illustrative ladder.

Mostly digital work, Toby Allen creates a visual wonderland based upon fantasy and atmosphere. On the left is only a taster of what he can actually do. Illustrating books, sewing, molding, building and quick sketches are only a few of his eclectic talents. Currently studying at Plymouth College of Art, Toby is drawing everyday, on top of that he produces commissions of any format. From tattoos to personalized story books and even WordPress/Blogspot/Tumblr backgrounds. For example only half an hour ago I asked him to commission me this personalized background image and header for my blog. Then BOOM it was done!

His style has developed astonishingly quick in the last two years, creating characters from scratch and caricatures of anyone who wants one. Below we can see an Alice in Wonderland scene of the Mad hatter himself and of course Alice. These characters though well known, have been drawn so stylistically that they look completely different yet recognizable. Now that is what takes ZestyDoesThings illustrations into a whole other league.


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