Indulge Me – Strategy & Planning – Happy End Of The World – Lynx

December 20, 2011

Once again (Unilever) Lynx have produced another clever advert, this one based upon the 2012 (end of worlds) conspiracy. It’s Topical, and even plays on the story of Noah’s Ark. “THE END IS NIGH. PROPHESY SAYS THAT COME 2012, WE’LL BE WITNESS TO THE END OF DAYS. WELL, IF IT’S YOUR LAST DAY ON EARTH, YOU’RE GOING TO NEED TO BE READY FOR THE LADIES.”

So what does Lynx (Unilever) stand for? It’s visions and values are cool, seductive fragrances and innovative products that give guys the tools to get ahead in the mating game. It’s working too, 8 million males across the UK & Ireland use Lynx every day. That puts a can of Lynx in 1 of every 4 households. Lynx is a very friendly and colloquial brand, all about quality yet value and of course smelling great and getting the ladies.

What I believe to be this brands proposition for the advert is what it says it in the copy, ‘If it’s your last day on earth, you’re going to need to be ready for the ladies.’ Also, using the three box model method we have what the audience need/want, this would be to smell great and attract females at an affordable price (before the world ends). We then also add that to the brand truth which would be seductive smelling deodorant that is affordable and stylish(created for when the world ends), this equals the simple striking idea of ‘final edition Lynx’. This comes through clearly in the execution, the ad tells the consumer to buy this as an impulse buy (because the world is ending). This emotional trigger, yet light-hearted changes the consumers behavior. Being funny and topical it raises the brands profile into being more tailerd for its target audience.

The aims of this ad I believe would be to get existing customers to keep buying lynx, the objectives would be to link it to something topical and a bit quirky. It starts with the desolate beginnings of everybody packing up like something out of a movie, and cuts to a well built guy in a field with lots of mysterious wood. He draws some plans and hammers away like a true man. After a day and night an ark appears. After the guy has swept up he sprays himself with lynx and women come in two by two.  this meets the aims and objectives because it’s playing on a topical event conspiracy. It’s also quirky and risky because of the nature of the world ending and playing on the story of Noah’s Ark.


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