Indulge Me – Amazon Kindle

December 22, 2011

Basically the Amazon Kindle proposition for this campaign is to show the many uses and places you can use the new Kindle. The diversity it has to offer and how convenient  it is to a book all for a great price. This come through clearly in the advert. It features many different people in different activities involving how the Kindle is either helping to pass time, studying, how easily it fits in your pocket  and also shows it’s a great Christmas present.

It tells to consumer to rethink buying books and to buy this kindle because it does a lot more for a affordable price. It features the Kindle fitting nicely in a draw ready for the girl if she ever needs it, and she picks it up. This somewhat links to a emotional trigger because of the notions of buying gadgets and the worry that you’ll waste money on it. This also shows that Amazon as a brand are always there for you if you need them. It also features a young man on a tube standing up reading a Kindle with one hand. This showcases how handy a Kindle is in comparison to a book, especially on a jam packed tube. What also links to this is showing a man casually popping his Kindle into his back pocket, something that is tricky to do with a book. The ad shows many uses for the Kindle passing the time, such as the lady in the launderette, a boy lazing in a hammock, a traffic jam and sitting on a park bench. All things that a book can do, however the Kindle allows you to download more books onto your handset. Amazon have tried to show this by showing the couple on the sofa having a giggle but I don’t think this comes across very strongly.



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