Indulge Me – Currys Pc World – Darth Vader

December 22, 2011

This Campaign proposition came about due to  Dixons doing a deal with Mr Vader to promote the benefits of giving Currys and PC World your money. This sees Darth Vader carrying out a sort of human resources role, checking that the PC World and Curry’s staff meet his “high standards” of employee training.

The Brands proposition would be to showcase that their staff are trained to help find the the product for their costumers. This was obviously by coming up with the idea that the ‘enemy’  Darth Vader from Star Wars (closely linked with computer nerds, and is a cult icon) was putting them through a grueling training regime to make them more equip at being helpful. I guess they thought going with a cult icon would spand across a wider audience.

I think the problem is that the advert is targeted at adults,  presenting an adult with a character in my opinion fails somewhat. Adults are aware that they are not seeing the ‘real’ Darth Vader but they are seeing someone dressed in a suit. We can’t emotionally connect because we don’t feel the same attraction to the character as we would have as a child. Also they have tried to be funny and Darth Vader isn’t really.



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