Indulge Me – Elastoplast – Escaped Giraffe

December 22, 2011

For a plaster advert, this one really is adorable!

We have a child’s tale of events here, that’s what essentially is the brands proposition. Elastoplasts idea  is to showcase to their costumers that they care about every graze and bump your family has. This is shown in their tagline at the end ‘Every Elastoplast has a story.’ This is shown clearly in the advert. Their brand values are friendly and caring and always being there if you need them.

The aims and objectives of the particular advert are also executed well, the childs narration over the illustrations gives the ad a very organic and childlike feel. Much like watching something a child has done, this works emotionally well because it is targeted at parents.  Also the child and  giraffe made out of plasters are adorable and when they come to life they flood emotion between the costumer and the product. This is appealing to both parents – relating the story to their own children – and to children, due to the quirky animation and use of a funny story.




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