Indulge Me – Sainsbury’s – Bare Nessesities

December 22, 2011

Ooo this advert isn’t about Jamie Oliver!

This is always a plus!

Sainsbury’s now appears to have a very clear strategy focused heavily on their reputation as a quality food retailer. This comes through in their advertisements, especially in this adorable Bare Nessesities Television ad.

Starting off with a child waking his dad up on a hazy morning, to them making pancakes, in comes Jungle Books ‘Bare Nessesities’. Let’s stop here and talk about Sainsbury’s brand strategy. Every brand stands for something,  Sainsbury’s I believe  it’s “First for Food”,  delivering products of quality and great service. In terms of this advert, the proposition would be that of ‘the best father and son bonding’, and comes through exceptionally well. Why do I think this? I’ll explain. The ad consists of a father and son day out, the child wakes his dad up, they make pancakes from scratch, they take a train to the beach. They barbecue sausages, go to the fair and come back sleepily to apple crumble, only to fall asleep on the sofa. This is essentially what every dad wants and strives to be  to and with his child. The consumer is sucked in to this little story of this day of their lives. The emotional triggers are spun from Jungle Books ‘Bare Nessesities’ playing in the background, and the pancakes, barbecue and crumble are emotional foods. What I mean by this is the notion of baking with your child, barbecuing on a beach and coming home to apple crumble are generally enjoyable memories.

It subtly tells the consumer what it wants them to do, by this I mean that the food isn’t the center stage of the ad, unlike M & S. It’s there to tug on heartstrings and generate consumers to want to have this father and son experience. This reiterates Sainsbury’s “live well for less” strap line at the end of the advert. They create their own visions and values of what the best father and son day out will be and how to be a good parent, then tie that in to advertising quality products for less.


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