Indulge Me – Dailybooth Social Audit

January 8, 2012

Simply put, DailyBooth is “Your Life in Pictures”. The platform is one of self expression that connects people to their friends in real-time through the use of photos and status updates!

Created by John Wheately and Ryan Amos in  February 2009, Dailybooth is a real ‘people watcher’ hobby. Wheatley said, ”You could see these people actually grow and evolve. You could watch their style and fashion change over time.” It is a whole new way to communicate and behave.

It gained immense popularity as celebrities such as Ashton Kutcher and Demi moore joined and encouraged their viewers and readers to join. It recently passed the 100,000 photo mark and in early 2010, the website reached 3,000,000 photos and 10,000,000 comments. The company says that to date 13 million photos have been shared via its service and that it is poised to benefit from the introduction of front-facing cameras on smartphones and tablets.

The Live Feed is a feature which displays a real time stream of recent photos and activity from all public members on the site. This means it is constantly moving as a picture gets updated every 2 seconds, what more could you want from a social media platform. DailyBooth allows users to automatically post a link to their Twitter account when they take new photos, interlinking between other social media platforms, and also offers short URL’s  for users to link to their photos.



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