Indulge Me – Citizen Journalism

January 21, 2012

Elements of Word of mouth marketing relate to citizen journalism , the real time nature of social media changes how audiences access and consume news. It has lower barriers to entry for publishing which has decentralized who is considered a publisher.  Mobile technologies change how the news is sourced and broadcast. With instant live feeds and videos being uploaded constantly its easy to see why social media is challenging traditional notions of advertising. Social media also enables  content from multiple sources on its platform, like discussing news articles on The New Yorker to generate user feedback and discussion. This can also get shared across onto Facebook, according to Ofcom 51% of 18-24 year- olds with a social networking profile agreed that  they often find out about breaking news stories first via a social networking website. Traditional methods of journalism have high barriers to entry and were uni directional, now anyone can set up a blog. It is also available in  real time and is constantly updated. An example in culture would be the London Riots in 2011, rioters, spectators and journalists  were able to communicate through blogs, Tumblr, tweets, photos, maps and videos. All on their smartphones. Even after the riots, social media was being used to spot and catch out rioters. Tumblr has a blog named ‘Catch a Looter’ which is in contact with Crimestoppers calling people who recognize looters in the pictures uploaded.


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