Indulge Me – Drink Aware

January 21, 2012

This campaigns proposition from Drink Aware is essentially, informing 18-24 years olds on how alcohol can turn good times in to bad times when you drink too much.

They also have a  tagline of ”Why let Good Times go bad?’ Which I feel could have done with a bit more work, I don’t know what it is, but there is just something wrong with the way it’s worded. I think it’s the word ‘Bad’ just seems a bit weak.

However they have redeemed themselves with their posters:

Right use of up to date ‘slang’, this Epic night and Epic fail ad works well.  On the left it shows awesome hipsters having an awesome hipstery time, on the right separated by a silhouette of a bottle of bud it shows that the hipster drank too much and is about to ruin his awesome image  by chundering.  This fills the brad proposition well, is done with style and is also simplistic.

A Facebook fan page is also featured here, ‘This is your Fan Page and a place where we encourage you to leave comments, photos, videos, and links.’ There has been a few bits of activity with currently 713 likes and 21 people ‘talking about this’ It also showcases its app –  ”Have a great night out with the Good Times app. Then keep those good times going using its top tips and tools.
Record the fun memories with live comments, photos and updates, and relive them all over again the next morning.’ Personally? I wouldn’t download this app, for one I hardly take my smartphone out with me or even use it on a night out. Secondly I don’t want my phone to nag me with ‘tips and tools’ to stop me from getting too drunk.

Lastly we will end on this: 

It’s basically a poor parody of Katy Perry’s ‘Last Friday Night’ music video, including those ‘hipster glasses’.

To me this just seems like an after thought after a quick idea. The concept of ‘Don’t let the good times go bad’ loosely fits with Katy Perry’s video, also I don’t understand why the lyrics had to be changed and re-sung. I get the thought process I really do essentially its showcasing how to use the good times app. Unfortunately in my opinion this video really wasn’t necessary for the campaign.


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