Indulge Me – The Concept Of Social Bussiness

January 21, 2012

The intranet is mostly used  for business’s for internal communication this makes a vast number of resources available. Recently companies have taken this idea and created their own social networks. Social Business is a recent trend revolutionizing the way companies work and generate value for all the stakeholders, employees, customers, partners and suppliers.

An example of this would be IBM, according to ‘social business starts with people’. They go on to say that  a social business ”embraces and cultivates a spirit of collaboration and community – internally and externally.” Thus delivering unprecedented return for the time invested. This social network they created for use internally in a business has benefits, such as being able to reach where their employee’s live and work helping to engage people productively in a business context. Apparently according to Ted Stanton thi is working very well, with over 30,000 specialist communities, 18,000 blogs and 12 million chats every day.

The benefits are clear with a social business, it’s sharing information at a more controlled and relevant way at work. This leads to  better business performance. Which, increases better awareness about business opportunities and colleagues needing help. It will filter out unwanted spam emails, and stops an overload of information. Because of it being its own social network the employees will have more motivation and company engagement due to feeling more involved. That’s always a plus for a business.


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