Indulge Me – Brands.

February 23, 2012

A brand I feel nostalgic about would be Fairy Liquid, I adore the advertising especially around the 1990’s. It’s fifty years old this year! I remember the campaign about re-using the empty bottles, and enjoyed seeing the many possibilities. Oddly enough I also rather enjoyed the tv ad when the mother was washing her hands, you could see all the bubbles and they looked so soft.  What also was adorable was the kid having to wait ages for the empty bottle because ”Fairy Original provides you with up to an amazing 8 weeks of cleaning power!” The branding is clever, with copy like ‘mums like you, the real unsung heroes of the home,  should have excellent quality and value that you deserve.” Including direct address and flattery without sounding patronizing. Although updating the bottle, and products ie dishwasher tablets, fairy has stuck to its familiar style of advertising. This for me is why I get nostalgic it evokes memories of my mother saying that the bottle is empty, so my brother and I could make whatever was on ‘Smart’ or art attack.

 A brand that I trust would be La Riche Directions hair dye. For one ,their product works well on my hair unlike similar branded semi permanent hair dyes and two it’s aimed directly at me. What I mean by this is it’s aimed at 17-20 year olds, people who like to change their appearance alot and who like to stand out and look different. I do this by my hair, and this is what Directions gives me. The copy is professional yet colloquial and the models in the print all have a style to die for. You can  buy the product from the website, which is also handy. The website also has an ongoing competition to be the ‘face of 2011’, allowing customers to submit a hairstyle using the dye.

 A brand that I distrust would be Schwarzkopf especially with their live xxl hair dye. the advertising is all slick with their beautiful models with beautiful bright shiny hair but in reality its rubbish. And the print is blatantly photoshopped, even the hair colour! Everyone that I know who has used the ‘dark spice’ red dye, have said that their head got really itchy and came out darker than stated on the packet. It also dyes your scalp a nasty orange colour. The branding claims that after 30 washes it will still retain 90% colour. This is a bold face lie as my friends and I complain of it going dull after about 3 washes.  Another colour that is shockingly awful is the ‘mystic violet’, it just dyes your hair black. The redeeming feature is in the copy, ‘find a shade that would suit your attitude’, this works well and its catchy.Unfortunately the shade that would suit my attitude would be ‘bitterly disapointed.’


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