Ooo this advert isn’t about Jamie Oliver!

This is always a plus!

Sainsbury’s now appears to have a very clear strategy focused heavily on their reputation as a quality food retailer. This comes through in their advertisements, especially in this adorable Bare Nessesities Television ad.

Starting off with a child waking his dad up on a hazy morning, to them making pancakes, in comes Jungle Books ‘Bare Nessesities’. Let’s stop here and talk about Sainsbury’s brand strategy. Every brand stands for something,  Sainsbury’s I believe  it’s “First for Food”,  delivering products of quality and great service. In terms of this advert, the proposition would be that of ‘the best father and son bonding’, and comes through exceptionally well. Why do I think this? I’ll explain. The ad consists of a father and son day out, the child wakes his dad up, they make pancakes from scratch, they take a train to the beach. They barbecue sausages, go to the fair and come back sleepily to apple crumble, only to fall asleep on the sofa. This is essentially what every dad wants and strives to be  to and with his child. The consumer is sucked in to this little story of this day of their lives. The emotional triggers are spun from Jungle Books ‘Bare Nessesities’ playing in the background, and the pancakes, barbecue and crumble are emotional foods. What I mean by this is the notion of baking with your child, barbecuing on a beach and coming home to apple crumble are generally enjoyable memories.

It subtly tells the consumer what it wants them to do, by this I mean that the food isn’t the center stage of the ad, unlike M & S. It’s there to tug on heartstrings and generate consumers to want to have this father and son experience. This reiterates Sainsbury’s “live well for less” strap line at the end of the advert. They create their own visions and values of what the best father and son day out will be and how to be a good parent, then tie that in to advertising quality products for less.


Indulge Me – Amazon Kindle

December 22, 2011

Basically the Amazon Kindle proposition for this campaign is to show the many uses and places you can use the new Kindle. The diversity it has to offer and how convenient  it is to a book all for a great price. This come through clearly in the advert. It features many different people in different activities involving how the Kindle is either helping to pass time, studying, how easily it fits in your pocket  and also shows it’s a great Christmas present.

It tells to consumer to rethink buying books and to buy this kindle because it does a lot more for a affordable price. It features the Kindle fitting nicely in a draw ready for the girl if she ever needs it, and she picks it up. This somewhat links to a emotional trigger because of the notions of buying gadgets and the worry that you’ll waste money on it. This also shows that Amazon as a brand are always there for you if you need them. It also features a young man on a tube standing up reading a Kindle with one hand. This showcases how handy a Kindle is in comparison to a book, especially on a jam packed tube. What also links to this is showing a man casually popping his Kindle into his back pocket, something that is tricky to do with a book. The ad shows many uses for the Kindle passing the time, such as the lady in the launderette, a boy lazing in a hammock, a traffic jam and sitting on a park bench. All things that a book can do, however the Kindle allows you to download more books onto your handset. Amazon have tried to show this by showing the couple on the sofa having a giggle but I don’t think this comes across very strongly.


This Campaign proposition came about due to  Dixons doing a deal with Mr Vader to promote the benefits of giving Currys and PC World your money. This sees Darth Vader carrying out a sort of human resources role, checking that the PC World and Curry’s staff meet his “high standards” of employee training.

The Brands proposition would be to showcase that their staff are trained to help find the the product for their costumers. This was obviously by coming up with the idea that the ‘enemy’  Darth Vader from Star Wars (closely linked with computer nerds, and is a cult icon) was putting them through a grueling training regime to make them more equip at being helpful. I guess they thought going with a cult icon would spand across a wider audience.

I think the problem is that the advert is targeted at adults,  presenting an adult with a character in my opinion fails somewhat. Adults are aware that they are not seeing the ‘real’ Darth Vader but they are seeing someone dressed in a suit. We can’t emotionally connect because we don’t feel the same attraction to the character as we would have as a child. Also they have tried to be funny and Darth Vader isn’t really.


For a plaster advert, this one really is adorable!

We have a child’s tale of events here, that’s what essentially is the brands proposition. Elastoplasts idea  is to showcase to their costumers that they care about every graze and bump your family has. This is shown in their tagline at the end ‘Every Elastoplast has a story.’ This is shown clearly in the advert. Their brand values are friendly and caring and always being there if you need them.

The aims and objectives of the particular advert are also executed well, the childs narration over the illustrations gives the ad a very organic and childlike feel. Much like watching something a child has done, this works emotionally well because it is targeted at parents.  Also the child and  giraffe made out of plasters are adorable and when they come to life they flood emotion between the costumer and the product. This is appealing to both parents – relating the story to their own children – and to children, due to the quirky animation and use of a funny story.



Once again (Unilever) Lynx have produced another clever advert, this one based upon the 2012 (end of worlds) conspiracy. It’s Topical, and even plays on the story of Noah’s Ark. “THE END IS NIGH. PROPHESY SAYS THAT COME 2012, WE’LL BE WITNESS TO THE END OF DAYS. WELL, IF IT’S YOUR LAST DAY ON EARTH, YOU’RE GOING TO NEED TO BE READY FOR THE LADIES.”

So what does Lynx (Unilever) stand for? It’s visions and values are cool, seductive fragrances and innovative products that give guys the tools to get ahead in the mating game. It’s working too, 8 million males across the UK & Ireland use Lynx every day. That puts a can of Lynx in 1 of every 4 households. Lynx is a very friendly and colloquial brand, all about quality yet value and of course smelling great and getting the ladies.

What I believe to be this brands proposition for the advert is what it says it in the copy, ‘If it’s your last day on earth, you’re going to need to be ready for the ladies.’ Also, using the three box model method we have what the audience need/want, this would be to smell great and attract females at an affordable price (before the world ends). We then also add that to the brand truth which would be seductive smelling deodorant that is affordable and stylish(created for when the world ends), this equals the simple striking idea of ‘final edition Lynx’. This comes through clearly in the execution, the ad tells the consumer to buy this as an impulse buy (because the world is ending). This emotional trigger, yet light-hearted changes the consumers behavior. Being funny and topical it raises the brands profile into being more tailerd for its target audience.

The aims of this ad I believe would be to get existing customers to keep buying lynx, the objectives would be to link it to something topical and a bit quirky. It starts with the desolate beginnings of everybody packing up like something out of a movie, and cuts to a well built guy in a field with lots of mysterious wood. He draws some plans and hammers away like a true man. After a day and night an ark appears. After the guy has swept up he sprays himself with lynx and women come in two by two.  this meets the aims and objectives because it’s playing on a topical event conspiracy. It’s also quirky and risky because of the nature of the world ending and playing on the story of Noah’s Ark.

Entry 3

Third entry into the lesbian blog, and quite a dilemma I tell you.

Having already came out to my mum nearly a year ago over text (I know), and being told ‘Not to tell the family!’ You can see how I am a little dubious about telling my father. My parents who live together and have been happily married for over 20 years, are quite ‘old school’ about almost everything. They think all drugs are heroin, and that I am about 12, in actual fact I am 20. I also told my twin brother I was a lesbian and he was fine with it, in fact he told me he already knew (it was pretty obvious).

So, my dad? I have played out many scenes in my head such as the title of this blog. ‘Hey dad I’m a gash gobbler…goodbye!’ (or something more low-key haha). The plan would be to go for a walk for him and mother to discuss my ‘gaydom’, I’d come back and everything would be hunky-dory. However, my glorious mother exclaimed to me that I’d have to make out that I hadn’t already told her, (as to not make dad feel left out). I am guessing this would entail sitting them down and having a full blown chitter chatter. My father being similar to me, hates awkward situations, which means it would be hell for the both of us.

I would really like to tell him before Christmas, but I don’t want to put a damper on the celebrations. I am thinking before new year, when he is a little drunk? Or should he be sober? I really have no clue.

When I do this, I’ll be sure to write entry 4 about coming out and how or not to do it.

An Illustrator with his own unique flair and style (Toby Allen) AKA ZestyDoesThings is rapidly climbing up the illustrative ladder.

Mostly digital work, Toby Allen creates a visual wonderland based upon fantasy and atmosphere. On the left is only a taster of what he can actually do. Illustrating books, sewing, molding, building and quick sketches are only a few of his eclectic talents. Currently studying at Plymouth College of Art, Toby is drawing everyday, on top of that he produces commissions of any format. From tattoos to personalized story books and even WordPress/Blogspot/Tumblr backgrounds. For example only half an hour ago I asked him to commission me this personalized background image and header for my blog. Then BOOM it was done!

His style has developed astonishingly quick in the last two years, creating characters from scratch and caricatures of anyone who wants one. Below we can see an Alice in Wonderland scene of the Mad hatter himself and of course Alice. These characters though well known, have been drawn so stylistically that they look completely different yet recognizable. Now that is what takes ZestyDoesThings illustrations into a whole other league.

B2B is business to business marketing and B2C is business to consumer marketing, quite simply personal and commercial marketing.

B2B – The business is relationship driven, this maximizes the value of the relationship. It has a small focused target market and a multistep buying process.

B2C – is product driven to maximize the value of transaction, it has a single step buying process and a shorter sales cycle.

Personally? I prefer B2C marketing as a consumer I want to buy in to a bit of personality, after all it is my money. In a way B2c is much like personally shaking the consumers  hand, they appear more involved and switched on.  An example? Ebay and Amazon, they are essentially a website service, consumer and business combined.


We are all very aware of charities, but not necessarily how they use social media.  Organisations like the NSPCC, British Red Cross and the RSPCA  all use social media. Their aims are to raise awareness and offer education of their key issues, and of course to raise money and change the behavior, attitudes and opinions around said key issues.

Ultimately there are issues with this such as budgets, man power and the economical climate.


Facebook and twitter are low cost and even free and have the ability to connect with potential donors,volunteers,fundraisers and partners. You have the ‘like’ button and fan pages, this all helps to engage focused conversations and discussions. Also a good way for organisations to show off their personality.

Introducing: TWLOHA – To write love on her arms

Twloha is a non profitable organisational charity. That raise awareness and help young people with depression.

‘You are not alone, and this is not the end of your story.’
‘To Write Love On Her Arms is a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for those struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide. TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire, and also to invest directly into treatment and recovery.’

‘We believe that rescue is possible, and are committed to communicating hope to others who know the daily struggle of living in a broken world.’

They are linked with almost every social media platform and even get celebrities to help endorse them.

I have been following this charity for years as it really hits home with me. Singers such as Hayley Williams and Christina Perii have now become advocates for the charity.

It’s all about sharing your stories, anxiety’s and fears, and getting support. The facebook page has over a million likes and 12 thousand are currently talking/sharing right this minute. It was only founded in 2006!

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