Indulge Me – Dad, I’m a gash gobbler…

December 19, 2011

Entry 3

Third entry into the lesbian blog, and quite a dilemma I tell you.

Having already came out to my mum nearly a year ago over text (I know), and being told ‘Not to tell the family!’ You can see how I am a little dubious about telling my father. My parents who live together and have been happily married for over 20 years, are quite ‘old school’ about almost everything. They think all drugs are heroin, and that I am about 12, in actual fact I am 20. I also told my twin brother I was a lesbian and he was fine with it, in fact he told me he already knew (it was pretty obvious).

So, my dad? I have played out many scenes in my head such as the title of this blog. ‘Hey dad I’m a gash gobbler…goodbye!’ (or something more low-key haha). The plan would be to go for a walk for him and mother to discuss my ‘gaydom’, I’d come back and everything would be hunky-dory. However, my glorious mother exclaimed to me that I’d have to make out that I hadn’t already told her, (as to not make dad feel left out). I am guessing this would entail sitting them down and having a full blown chitter chatter. My father being similar to me, hates awkward situations, which means it would be hell for the both of us.

I would really like to tell him before Christmas, but I don’t want to put a damper on the celebrations. I am thinking before new year, when he is a little drunk? Or should he be sober? I really have no clue.

When I do this, I’ll be sure to write entry 4 about coming out and how or not to do it.


4 Responses to “Indulge Me – Dad, I’m a gash gobbler…”

  1. You could do what I did – wait for a family crisis to tell people

    because they are too upset about the crisis to do anything but take in your news – they are already upset, so it’s okay to compound things

    and then deal much much later with the fallout

  2. I thought that, but then again I was still dubious at the time I didn’t want to make it ‘all about me’
    Cheers tho
    Any other suggestions?

  3. well, I came out following an unexpected death in the family, and I know people can – but I wasn’t going to make that about me.

    even tho, on some level, it should have been – since I found the relative dead unexpectedly.

    I just didn’t make is as some announcement – more, just in the conversations, worked it in that I had been dumped the day before by the woman I was seeing – you know, the guy I was dating was a woman, but really, that’s not what the issue and concern is now

    so advise, deflect and then redirect to the actual matter or activity at hand

    make it less about the content and make the content a side bar, a oh, just so you know, that I might be bringing a date and that date is another woman – with these food allergies

    make it about smaller details or bigger events

    • Oh I get you, Yeah my granddad died recently and I was going to do it then, I bottled out though! I had an idea to tell my father about my tattoo’s at the same time of coming out but again I am not sure. The side bar idea is pretty good now I understand it, might try that.
      It’s just gone on so long now, I just need to get my arse in gear!

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