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February 23, 2012

A brand I feel nostalgic about would be Fairy Liquid, I adore the advertising especially around the 1990’s. It’s fifty years old this year! I remember the campaign about re-using the empty bottles, and enjoyed seeing the many possibilities. Oddly enough I also rather enjoyed the tv ad when the mother was washing her hands, you could see all the bubbles and they looked so soft.  What also was adorable was the kid having to wait ages for the empty bottle because ”Fairy Original provides you with up to an amazing 8 weeks of cleaning power!” The branding is clever, with copy like ‘mums like you, the real unsung heroes of the home,  should have excellent quality and value that you deserve.” Including direct address and flattery without sounding patronizing. Although updating the bottle, and products ie dishwasher tablets, fairy has stuck to its familiar style of advertising. This for me is why I get nostalgic it evokes memories of my mother saying that the bottle is empty, so my brother and I could make whatever was on ‘Smart’ or art attack.

 A brand that I trust would be La Riche Directions hair dye. For one ,their product works well on my hair unlike similar branded semi permanent hair dyes and two it’s aimed directly at me. What I mean by this is it’s aimed at 17-20 year olds, people who like to change their appearance alot and who like to stand out and look different. I do this by my hair, and this is what Directions gives me. The copy is professional yet colloquial and the models in the print all have a style to die for. You can  buy the product from the website, which is also handy. The website also has an ongoing competition to be the ‘face of 2011’, allowing customers to submit a hairstyle using the dye.

 A brand that I distrust would be Schwarzkopf especially with their live xxl hair dye. the advertising is all slick with their beautiful models with beautiful bright shiny hair but in reality its rubbish. And the print is blatantly photoshopped, even the hair colour! Everyone that I know who has used the ‘dark spice’ red dye, have said that their head got really itchy and came out darker than stated on the packet. It also dyes your scalp a nasty orange colour. The branding claims that after 30 washes it will still retain 90% colour. This is a bold face lie as my friends and I complain of it going dull after about 3 washes.  Another colour that is shockingly awful is the ‘mystic violet’, it just dyes your hair black. The redeeming feature is in the copy, ‘find a shade that would suit your attitude’, this works well and its catchy.Unfortunately the shade that would suit my attitude would be ‘bitterly disapointed.’


An Illustrator with his own unique flair and style (Toby Allen) AKA ZestyDoesThings is rapidly climbing up the illustrative ladder.

Mostly digital work, Toby Allen creates a visual wonderland based upon fantasy and atmosphere. On the left is only a taster of what he can actually do. Illustrating books, sewing, molding, building and quick sketches are only a few of his eclectic talents. Currently studying at Plymouth College of Art, Toby is drawing everyday, on top of that he produces commissions of any format. From tattoos to personalized story books and even WordPress/Blogspot/Tumblr backgrounds. For example only half an hour ago I asked him to commission me this personalized background image and header for my blog. Then BOOM it was done!

His style has developed astonishingly quick in the last two years, creating characters from scratch and caricatures of anyone who wants one. Below we can see an Alice in Wonderland scene of the Mad hatter himself and of course Alice. These characters though well known, have been drawn so stylistically that they look completely different yet recognizable. Now that is what takes ZestyDoesThings illustrations into a whole other league.

We are all very aware of charities, but not necessarily how they use social media.  Organisations like the NSPCC, British Red Cross and the RSPCA  all use social media. Their aims are to raise awareness and offer education of their key issues, and of course to raise money and change the behavior, attitudes and opinions around said key issues.

Ultimately there are issues with this such as budgets, man power and the economical climate.


Facebook and twitter are low cost and even free and have the ability to connect with potential donors,volunteers,fundraisers and partners. You have the ‘like’ button and fan pages, this all helps to engage focused conversations and discussions. Also a good way for organisations to show off their personality.

Introducing: TWLOHA – To write love on her arms

Twloha is a non profitable organisational charity. That raise awareness and help young people with depression.

‘You are not alone, and this is not the end of your story.’
‘To Write Love On Her Arms is a non-profit movement dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for those struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide. TWLOHA exists to encourage, inform, inspire, and also to invest directly into treatment and recovery.’

‘We believe that rescue is possible, and are committed to communicating hope to others who know the daily struggle of living in a broken world.’

They are linked with almost every social media platform and even get celebrities to help endorse them.

I have been following this charity for years as it really hits home with me. Singers such as Hayley Williams and Christina Perii have now become advocates for the charity.

It’s all about sharing your stories, anxiety’s and fears, and getting support. The facebook page has over a million likes and 12 thousand are currently talking/sharing right this minute. It was only founded in 2006!

This is what we do on a Sunday morning –


Just watching a gremlin try to eat someone, he was in a Christmas tree 🙂

Entry Two:

Nom monster munch, a guy I knew climbed into my bed the other day. After explaining to him for the trillionth time I was a lesbian, he tried one more time and then left.

Am I a challenge, a game? Am I pretending to be gay?


Yet, some guys persist. Now don’t worry I’m not going to rant about boys, I love boys. I just don’t want to sleep with them. They are great to go out with, they love it when I perv on girls and I enjoy it too.

Had a girl round Sunday and I just wasn’t interested, I don’t know why. It’s been puzzling me for a while, I invite them over then I want them to leave. I crave the attention and think I want the affection but when it comes down to it, I get turned off. I have too much expectations, I want to fall madly in love at first sight, it’s unrealistic, and it lets me down….

My housemates are making me look at pokemon..

When you really think about it, it’s quite simple. It’s a graph (simple bit) that connects people, organisations and objects by one or more kinds of links. The graph grows as relationships happen through content sharing through devices, such as smartphone’s.

Here is Facebook’s Social Graph –

This links friends to friends through friendship and also through ‘likes’ and Facebook groups etc etc. Anything that you share with your friends, links in to this infinite web.

It contains the largest number of defined relationships between the largest number of people among all websites due to the fact that it is the most widely used social networking service in the world.

Sounds confusing?

This is so Facebook can connect to us on behalf of brands, they own the Like button that connects us to said brands. Also putting Facebook on a data ownership position.

I know it’s fiction, but there is a great example in the US TV series called The L Word.

Titled ‘The Chart’


This links characters who have slept with each other, as you can see Shane McCutcheon appears to have the most links.

Indulge Me – WordPress

November 2, 2011

A Lesbian.

A blog I found…

Literally amazing in every way.

Ok Ok my idea:
A camera with wi fi –

Like most of professional photographer’s, when they are on shoot they need to get the copies to the clients as soon as. So imagine a high end sophisticated camera with computing functions built in, like internet and software editing suits that helps a photographer to take photos. Then edit them and there and then be able to email it to the clients on the location itself. This helps both the photographer in being fast and the client in getting the image fast and demand for changes if they need on the spot. This way the photographer improves his name as well as the company.
Any photographer would love to have a computer and camera in one piece … basically trying to combine a digi cam/ slr with a mini laptop –
slim sleek and all that but the only drawback is they dont have a cd port
but hell who cares as long as its protable and you can buy a seperate cd drive.
‘So well yeah I’d love to own a gadget like that being a photographer myself’ Gopi Mohan
Apple could indorse or even we could sell it to them….
Pass a camera with wifi on to other people
Each person gets a 2 minute slot and it goes around the world
People tag themselves etc etc
You end up with a movie of different peoples perspectives on life

I don't even like pineapple

Just a quote from my housemate, God I love living here. It gets messy at times, and people moan. At the end of the day however, we all love each other. How soppy…

The tattoos healing well, still hurts though like I’ve been punched in the arm hah.

Sat in Mitch’s room (my housemate), he’s also blogging, he has seemed to grasp it so quickly…

He just stroked my foot O__o

Right, well here is a picture that made me giggle the other day:

As it was the other day I can’t quite remember where I found it, possibly just a Google image search.

I was loosely thinking it could be used for an advert for sanitary towels ‘Feels like you haven’t even got one on’. Or something like that I’ll work on it.

Reminds me of a clever campaign by: Downy washing detergent -‘ You feel like your clothes are not there.’

Advertising Agency: Grey, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Executive Creative Directors: Pablo GilSebastián Garín
Creative Directors: Diego Rubio
Art Director: Diego Rubio
Copywriter: Coco Olivera
Photographer: Nacho Ricci

Inspiring deisgn: T Mobile – Video Chat Ad

Advertising Agency: Y&R, Guaynabo, Puerto Rico
Creative Director: Sylvia Soler
Art Director: Javier Claudio
Retoucher: Otto Canchani
Photographer: Juan Matthe
Published: November 2010

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